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Glossary of terms

Handmade - totally 100% handmade using new precious metals in a bullion form such as sheet, bars, rods etc.

Handcrafted - not 100% handmade, we may have used some ready made components, settings etc and assembled by hand. There may still be a level of handmade involved.

Remodelled - usually 100% handmade, but using customers own jewellery to melt down and remake to a new piece of jewellery.

Mould and Cast - customer has an item they need replicating, maybe a favourite piece of costume jewellery. We can make a mould of this and using the mould cast an identical piece of jewellery.

Cad and Cast - a design made on a computer, we then 3d print the item and use this print to cast a piece of jewellery using the Lost Wax casting method.

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