Free Services
Free Services that we offer

Free Services

Although we are a business and do need to make a profit to survive we are also happy to offer a range of services for free to build a relationship with you. We promote honest advice and would always offer the best advice even if we lose a sale or promote a cheaper way of doing something. Honest advice today builds a long-lasting trust and relationship with repeat business in the future.

Jewellery Condition - We are always happy to check the condition of your jewellery and advise. The most common check that we do is to check the security of claws and advise on the wear. We have many customers who come in for a free yearly check. It only takes a few minutes and may stop you losing your diamonds.

Emergency Ring Removal - We are happy to remove any ring that you require to be cut off, whether this is an emergency, or they are simply too tight we are happy to help. It typically takes about 10 minutes to remove a stubborn ring. If visiting us, please phone ahead to make sure a goldsmith is available to do, of course if this is out of hours, and an emergency then please visit A&E.

Estimates - All of our estimates are free, we will never charge for an estimate.
We are happy to offer free estimates on all our jewellery repairs, jewellery remodelling and jewellery commissions as well as free estimates on watch services and repairs.

Jewellery identification - you may be clearing out a relative's house and come across a treasure trove of jewellery and you have no idea if it is costume, or something spectacular.
We are always happy to have a look and advise if this is something of value, what the item is, or if it is simply a costume piece. Although we are happy to advise, we are unable to value the jewellery. We can simply advise if the item is of value or should be dismissed.

Small Jobs - We see a lot of little jobs through the week that need just a little tweak here or adjust there. Many of these jobs take us longer to do the paper work to book them in, than the actual job. We will usually carry this out for you whilst you wait. Although free, we may ask you to show your appreciation with a small donation to our RNLI Lifeboat charity box. Because of this we have collected a significant amount of money over the years for the RNLI