Clean and Polishing
Professional Jewellery & Cleaning Services

Jewellery Cleaning & Polishing

We can clean & polish your jewellery to an exceptionally high standard in our fully fitted polishing room.

All jewellery is polished to a high standard with any jewellery repair, or alterations as standard. Even if you have a single link on a chain repaired, we will clean and polish the whole chain which is not normally a standard procedure in many jewellers.

We can also clean and polish any jewellery items to an as new standard generally within a few working days.

Each item is fully polished with a variety of polishing compounds to remove scratches and finally finish with a mirror like polish.

Our workshop is fully equipped with all polishing equipment, Ultrasonic cleaners, Steam cleaner and rhodium plating machine.

We polish to such a high standard that we have both customers, and other jewellers post jewellery to us from around the UK for our polishing and rhodium plating service.

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