Watch Repairs
Watch Repairs & Servicing

Watch Repairs

We use an accredited watch repair centre that is accredited to all the major brands, and specialises in Rolex, Omega, amongst others.

Watch Servicing

We are able to service most brands of watches, and replace parts if required. All services include a 12 month guarantee.

A full service includes a full strip down of the movement & clean, reassemble, oiling, timing, testing, cleaning of case and bracelet and a water test where applicable.

As mechanical/automatic movements can vary significantly in price, age, and availability in parts and between different brands we try to treat these as estimate only jobs for peace of mind. So we can endeavour to give a more accurate & precise cost of the work & parts required for each individual job and accurate time scale.

Part Jobs

Our Watchmaker can carry out all part jobs such as button and stem replacements, broken watch glasses whether they are round, shaped, mineral or UB's (plastic domed) replacement of hands and reattaching loose components, such as numbers on the dial.

We are also able to carry out a no obligation estimate to put watches in to working order, although it should be noted that in the first instance a service would be required and if any additional parts were required the watchmaker would estimate for both a service and additional parts.

Most part jobs take between 3 to 4 weeks to accomplish and carry a 12 month guarantee for the part only, we are only able to guarantee the complete workings of the watch if a service has also been carried out.

Watch Batteries

We offer a competitively priced watch battery replacement service from just £4.00 per watch using either Sony, Energizer or Renata batteries.

We can fit most of these batteries in the shop either whilst you wait, or in busy periods such as Saturdays we may ask you to call back in 30 minutes.

All watch batteries carried out within the shop are not guaranteed to be waterproof so can only be used in water at your own risk.
Designer Brands

We are also able fit watch batteries to some of the more difficult models of watches such as Gucci, Tag Heuer and Raymond Weil from £20.00 not waterproofed, saving you the time and expense of returning them back to the manufacturer. These are replaced by our accredited watch maker, and typically take about 2 weeks.

Battery Replacement & Reseal

We can replace the battery and reseal most watches back to the manufacturer's specification.

Each watch manufacturer requires different gaskets to be fitted, and as such prices will differ between makes and models.

Every watch will also have a print out of the waterproof test results enclosed. Any watch that fails the water test will also have an estimate for further work to be carried out to waterproof.

A rough guide to prices

£35.00 up to 100 metres

£55.00 up to 200 metres

£75.00 up to 300 metres

Watch Straps Text

Watch Strap Adjustments

We are able to make adjustments to most watch straps for just £5 and can usually carry this out whilst you wait. We would prefer to have the owner present at the time so that we are able to fit the watch to the actual wrist, which is more accurate than using some of the paper sizers supplied with watches.

Replacement Watch Straps

We carry a large range of leather and metal watch straps in store and can usually fit these whilst you wait. Watch straps start at £6.95 fitted and carry a 12 month guarantee.

Gold Watch Straps

We can make adjustments to gold watchstraps as well as repairing or replacing any damaged or worn parts. All work is carried out in house and is guaranteed for 12 months. We will be happy to give you a no obligation quote to carry out any work on your gold watch.

We are also able to supply handmade gold watch straps to fit most gold watches. The price is subject to many factors so we would need to see the actual watch and wrist in order to offer an accurate no obligation quotation.