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Jewellery Valuations

Next Valuation Day

Next valuation day will be

Friday June 2nd

We would require your jewellery to be left with us either by close of business on Thursday, or first thing on Friday morning allowing us time to clean them prior to being valued.

Update : Both dates are now fully booked.

June 30th will be our last valuation day due to the retirement of our valuer, we do hope to have a replacement valuer later in the year.
Our valuer only has the capacity to value a limited amount of items in a day, and we are frequently oversubscribed on valuations so we would strongly advise that you book in advance with us to secure your place on the day.

At the point of booking we will take a £20 deposit to secure your place, which will also be credited against your final bill.

Your deposit is refundable if you are unable to make the day, as long as we are contacted by close of business on the Tuesday prior to the valuation. The deposit is non-refundable if you do not bring your items in as we are then unable to reallocate the space.

Valuations for Insurance

We offer a complete in house valuation service by a professional NAG (National Association of Goldsmiths) registered valuer.

Our valuation service offers a full insurance valuation for the replacement of your jewellery should the need ever arise. As part of our valuation process you will be presented with two certificates for your valuation, one for your own records whilst we advise the second is passed to your own insurer so that they are fully aware of what exactly they are insuring limiting any possible problems should a claim arise.

As well as being a registered valuer with NAG our valuer is also a qualified Gemmologist who also teaches at the gemmological institute in London and is able to value even the rarest of gemstones.

Our charge for our insurance valuation service is £20 booking fee which also covers the cost of producing the insurance valuation + 1.6% commission. This basically equates to £36 for the 1st thousand and £16 per thousand thereafter.

Valuations for Probate

We also offer valuations for probate which is more of an indication of current value if the item was sold to a trader or even possibly sold for scrap purposes. Although the valuation will still be accurate the value will be a lot less than the replacement value offered by our Insurance valuation service. The purpose for this lower value is to offer a realistic selling value and not a replacement value in order to keep any Tax liability to a minimum when settling the estate of the deceased.

A probate valuation requires the same level of work and expertise as an insurance valuation even though the final value can be less than half that of an insurance valuation. For this reason our fees are slightly different in order to reflect this.

Our charge for our Probate Valuation Service is £20 booking fee which also covers the cost of producing the probate valuation + 3.2% commission. This basically equates to £52 for the 1st thousand and £32 per thousand thereafter.


Our valuer works full time as a valuer and gemmologist working between different shops, he is not just a salesperson expressing an opinion but a full time valuer.

Experience is not something that can be taught, it comes from doing valuations all day every day, keeping up with prices and new techniques of manufacturing and from taking every opportunity to examine jewellery at trade fairs, auctions and other retailers.

Valuations require disciplines and specialist knowledge that have to be deliberately attained.
For this reason the staff at Jewellery Workshop are unable to offer you a valuation as we are not qualified to do so. Any indication of value given will be a personal opinion and may, or may not be accurate..

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