Cash for Gold

Don't sell your scrap gold, remodel it.

Don't sell your scrap gold, remodel it.

We are asked many times a day if we buy scrap gold, and the answer is always no.

The scrap gold market is the dark side of our industry, with a lot of misery and upset involved. As well as having many people a day asking if we buy gold, we will also see the other side where people come in trying to find their possessions after burglary, visiting all the jewellers in Maidstone in the hope that they may recover them.

We are as far as we are aware about the only independent jewellers in Maidstone that does not purchase old gold jewellery, or deal in 2nd hand jewellery for this reason.

We do however know that most sellers are law abiding customers who simply no longer require their jewellery anymore. In this instance we are always happy to advise where you may get the best price, so we are always happy to offer advice in selling your jewellery for the highest return.

You may just be trying to sell your unwanted jewellery as it is no longer suitable, fashions have changed, or it is damaged beyond repair. If raising cash for unwanted or broken jewellery isn't your main aim, then have you thought about remodelling that old gold jewellery.

We can remodel your old jewellery into a new handmade piece of jewellery for a fraction of the new price. You will have a unique piece of jewellery that you helped to design for a fraction of the price.

If cash is not your main priority, then remodelling your old jewellery is a more cost-effective alternative.

For more information see our remodelling old jewellery section for a gallery of recent work.